Was seen on our stage in:

No need to Cry by Roberto "Tito" Cossa
Heartstrings by Dino Armas

She Returned One Night by E. Rovner

Love in the Open Air by Carlos Pais

The Lettuce by César Sierra

Venice by Jorge Accáme

The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Women in the Closet

We Who Love Each Other So

Fairy Tales

Honestly, Juana, I Really Wanna…

Lorca’s La Barraca

To Love You As I Do

Pancho Villa or a Naked Woman

The Little Prince

Romero, The Martyrdom of the Shepherd


Sleepless Spring Night


America I Do Not Call Upon You Name in Vane

Enrique… Are You There?

Nucky Walder, born in Paraguay, was a member of the 1970s group Tiempovillo, with which she acted throughout most of Latin America. She founded the Grupo Teatro Universitario, and La Máscara, while participating in Teatro Arlequín as well. In 1984 she arrived in the USA where she first collaborated with GALA Hispanic Theatre. For three years the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities awarded her funding for the ‘Bilingual Drama/Literary Workshops’ program for students attending Bancroft Elementary School in Mount Pleasant. In 1991 Walder co-founded Teatro de la Luna, where she participates as producer and has acted in more than 20 productions; her most recent appearance onstage being in She Returned One Night. In 1999, together with Mario Marcel, Walder was recognized for her artistic work with the Tony Taylor Award from the Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington and last year she was presented the ‘Latino Woman Leadership 2009’ award by Fiesta DC for her contribution to Latino culture and the arts.