Was seen on our stage in:
The Lettuce

César Sierra: Author and director from Caracas, Venezuela, with a degree in Theatrical Production from the University Institute of Theater in Caracas. He began his career as a child actor in the Lily Alvarez Sierra Company. In 1984 he debuted as an author and playwright, receiving a surprise award in the Festival of Children’s Theater. He has directed more than 30 plays in Venezuela, the USA, Chile and Spain, including Arsenic and Old Lace by Kesserling, Sacrilege by Valle Inclán, The Best of Us by Stevens, and Silly Song based on various texts by Federico García Lorca. With the Lily Alvarez Sierra Company he directed various children’s theater pieces, including The Jungle Book (which won the Municipal Theater Prize and was maintained in repertory for three consecutive years in Caracas); Jojo Saltimbanqui (which won Critics’ Award in 1987); Sleeping Beauty and Peter Pan. His work in children’s theater garnered him numerous awards, including the Premio TIN 2000 for Best Direction for The Biggest Circus in the World. He has also directed the musicals The Cat and the Canary, The Coming Deluge, and Once Upon an Island. Among his works as a playwright include the children’s theater pieces Knight for a Day (winning the TIN Playwright Award 1997); The Biggest Circus in the World (nominated for the TIN Playwright Award in 2000); and Marti for the Children (Special Mention TIN Playwright Award in 2001). His adult piece, The Lettuce has been staged in New York, Miami, Santiago Chile, and in 2004 was shown in Chicago, Buenos Aires and Madrid. He has written various films for TV and three screenplays, including Feather of the Archangel, directed by Luis Manzo, which represented Venezuela in film festivals in Biarritz, Trieste and Bogotá. He has also written seven original mini-series. The highlight of his career was receiving the Order of José Félix Ribas (first class) and the Artist National Prize.