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Dino Armas, one of Uruguay’s most prolific writers, playwrights and teachers, has been appointed to the Academy of Letters of Uruguay.  His theatrical vocation has been entwined with teaching in elementary schools. One of his most valued attributes, characterized by his great sense of humor, is his powerful intuition in capturing popular personages and, through them, tearing down the façade of custom and entering into the broader worlds of the Grotesque, the Absurd or Poetry.  His productions basically revolve around universal issues and topics that show a keen ear and sharp nose, appreciated and celebrated, biting dialogues and effective and accurate situations.

He has written dozens of plays, from 1965 until today; plays such as To Pay the Price, And If I Sing You Love Songs?, Life is a Lie, Please Don’t Send Wreaths, Good Day, Papa, Montevideo, I Laugh and Cry Seeing You, He Plays All the Games and others.  His greatest recognition is that his plays have been mounted throughout Latin America, North America and Europe, by dozens of companies.  In 2009 Death’s Bridegroom was filmed based on his two plays The Eyes Were Closed and Single Women.

He has garnered various awards, including the ‘Florencio Award’ for best script, given by the Uruguayan Association of Critics (1993), Best Author in the Children’s Festival (1972 and 1974), Education and Culture Ministry Award (1992 and 2002), Fiftieth Anniversary of the Uruguayan Association of Authors Prize; Selected Best National Author of the Year by the Theater Page of the newspaper ‘El Pais’ of Montevideo (1993 and 1995) and also Best Author of the year by the review ‘Saturday Show’ (1995), among others.