Romero, The Martyrdom of the Shepherd

by Samuel Rovinsky (Costa Rica)
Directed by Mario Marcel

About the play

The story of a man, a shepherd, a people, a country. It is a look at the chaotic events leading up to an assassination; the wrenching story of Monsignor Arnulfo Romero, martyr of a nation. His was a death offering to the struggle of his people who loved him and will not forget, a memory that became history. ROMERO is an important Latin American figure, and his life has given rise to works of theatre, novels and short stories; it is vividly brought to life in this play. ROMERO becomes a burning prayer that enflames a continent.

About the author

Samuel Rovinski was born in Costa Rica. He has been writing since 1964 on a wide range of topics. His output includes short stories, novels, reports, an autobiography and plays. Among the principal plays are: Bedroom Government, Compound Interests, The Eve of Saturday, The Labyrinth, The Busybodies of Paso Ancho, A Model for Rosaura, and ROMERO, the martyrdom of the shepherd. Rovinski saw his work as a tragedy, which it certainly is. He wrote it in ink, he created it in blood. ROMERO is a work that reaffirms his place among Central American protagonists.

Reparto – Cast

Jesuita 1 / Mayor Joven.....Oscar Arce
Padre Rutilio Grande / Ministro de Defensa.....Yayo Grassi
Monseñor Romero.....Peter Gil
Nuncio.....Ed Johnson
Oligarca 1 / Terrateniente 1 / Sacerdote / Dirigente 1.....Mario Medel
Oligarca 2 / Terrateniente 2....Enisberto Jaraba
Terrateniente 3/Obispo 2/Ministro de Defensa/Dirigente2..Claudio Mellado
Coronel / Ministro 1 / Dirigente 3 / Obispo 1.....Guillermo Durán
Gral. Presidente / Joven de Pueblo.....Carlos A. Reyes
Jesuita 2/Ministro de Defensa/Presidente 1 y 2.....Bienvenido Martínez
Hermana 1 / Campesina.....Carmen Claros, Dolores Gandarias
Hermana 2 / Campesina......Marcela Marcel, Lucía G. Perillán
Padre Rafael.....Jorge Lemus
Campesinas y Campesinos.... Mónica Godoy ,Elsa Morales ,Mario Marcel, Nucky Walder
Mayor.....Luis Javier Terán
Soldados.....Pierre Lefever, Guillermo Sequeiro

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