The Cat's Out of the Bag

by de Sergio De Cecco & Armando Chulak (Argentina)
Directed by Mario Marcel

About the play: A comedy that shows a couple fallen into the rut of routine, taking each other for granted. Suddenly, a broken television discloses the truth: to live, you need love, understanding and tenderness … and in order to see, you must first open your eyes!

From the director: “Letting the Cat Out of the Bag”

Opening the first page of El Gran Deschave / The Cat’s Out of the Bag was like opening the gateway to a grand venture.  A play of recognized challenge in South America, its delightfulness relies on the truthfulness of directors and the believability of actors in creating distinct phases and breadths of characters whose recollections leave footprints of memorable quality.

Today, turning our gaze to one of the best theatrical eras in Argentine theatrical history, Teatro de la Luna will allow the ghosts, puppets and personalities that compose this realistic, vital story to run rampant around our stage.  A fresh vision, marked by time and distance, allows a new generation of talented actors to take on and dive into this controversial dream world.

I’m sure what will happen will be an odd communion between actors and audience who, while delving into the play’s meaning, silently and grudgingly, recognize that (and, why not?), little by little, ‘the cat’s out of the bag!’

Mario Marcel

About the authors:

Sergio Amadeo De Cecco (b. Buenos Aires, 1931) At 18 he became a scriptwriter for radio while touring throughout Argentina and America with the puppet theater De La Malasartes.  A scriptwriter for TV and a journalist, his first theatrical piece was Durante el Ensayo / During the Rehearsal.  He won a prize from the Minister of Education for a readers’ theater piece, Prometeo, in 1956.  Another award came in 1958.  El Reñidero, published in 1962, won the municipal award for unpublished plays and was staged first at the Botanic Garden Theater and later at the Municipal Gral. San Martín Theater.  It was later filmed under the direction of Rene Mujica, won third price from the Institute of Cinematography, and was selected to represent its country at the Cannes Film Festival.  In 1965 Capocómico was performed at the Municipal Gral. San Martín Theater’s Casacuberta stage.  After a lapse of ten years, he returned to the theater with El Gran Deschave / The Cat’s Out of the Bag, which opened in 1975 directed by Carlos Grandolfo.  It ran for three seasons.  De Cecco is one of Argentina’s most well-rounded playwrights.  Although less prolific than some authors, he brings a rare ability to his comedies, that allows him to pass from candid realism, treading lightly on fragility, until his work flows into black comedy without any transitions or, even more important, concessions.

Armando Chulak (b. Buenos Aires 1927 – d. Mar del Plata, Argentina 1975) He studied theater with Hedy Crilla for whom he later worked as assistant director.  He began directing in 1950, acted in a Spanish language version of Our Town by Thornton Wilder, and joined the Experimental Group of Theatrical Education, which was directed by Roberto Duran.  He adapted a children’s play, Margarita, which was performed from 1956-57.  With Héctor Llan de Rosos, he wrote Chavito y Chaveta, staged in 1959-60.  He settled in Mar del Plata in 1957, where he took on the jobs of Director of Programming, Director of Announcers and Artistic Director of a radio station.  He also worked on the journalistic staff of Channel 8, was theater, cinema and art critic for the newspaper La Mañana from 1958, and was a correspondent for the magazines “Teatro XX” and “Talía.”  He joined several Argentine comedy teams.  In Mar del Plata, he took the department chair for interpretation at the Municipal School of Scenic Arts (1964-65) and directed the Center of Dramatic Education.  He published several books of poems, including La Senda Estrecha, Balada para Esperarte, and Fábulas y Morales.  After a long career in the theater, in 1973 he began to write a play with Sergio De Cecco, with the working title of Final Feliz, or Happy Ending.  After Chulak’s death, De Cecco changed the name to El Gran Deschave / The Cat’s Out of the Bag.


TV Announcer’s Voice….…Samuel Galvez

Jorge….………….……..……Peter Pereyra

Susana……………...............Claudia Torres

 Nona………...…...………...Nucky Walder

Don Otto................................David Bradley

Martinuchi..........................Hernando Acuña

TV Serviceman……………....Mario Marcel

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