We Who Love each other so

by Miguel Falabella (Brazil)
Directed by Mario Marcel

About the play: After several years, four sisters meet again in their late mother’s home where once they played, grew up and began their dreams. Yet today they must sell it and dispose of its contents. Their meeting ignites old grudges, resentments, frustrations and humor as well – bright and clear; this humor reveals the many facets of the meeting and at last reunites them as sisters.

From the director: TEATRO DE LA LUNA, in its nine seasons, has brought to the stage the best and most representative of Hispanic theater, attempting to both draw in our audiences and to present the most important of Spanish-language theater. However, we went beyond that to also present Brazilian theater, and given its Portuguese-language origins, it presents a formidable challenge to any actor or director. Having said that, Teatro de la Luna is pleased to begin its Tenth Season with this Brazilian play that we have been wanting to present for some time. This piece transcends the Brazilian experience, and has extended to the rest of Latin America, especially those countries with the strongest theatrical traditions. “We Who Love Each Other So” confronts a host of situations where feelings and attitudes are born that are a part of us all. But it also maintains that unmistakable attribute of theater as well as of Brazil: a keen sense of humor and the hope to go on living.

Mario Marcel

About the author: “Laughter is fuel for the spirit…” – Miguel Falabella

Miguel Falabella (born 1957 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) – playwright, actor, director – is one of Brazil’s youngest playwrights to attract the attention of major theaters in Latin America. He started as a journalist who quickly moved into television. He was a writer and talk show host of popular programs. His entry into theater allows him to transcend his own country, especially with “We Who Love Each Other So”. It received critical acclaim for five years in Brazil, while also being performed in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Falabella won the Moliere Award in 1984 for his direction of “Emily” and in 1990 for “We Who Love Each Other So” (“A Partilha” in Portuguese, “Nosotros Que Nos Queremos Tanto” in Spanish).


Beatriz……………………. Lucinda Hart-González

Marta……………………… Nucky Walder

Laura……………………… Anabel Marcano

Alicia……………………… Ediza Vega

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