Fairy Tales

by Raquel Diana (Uruguay)
Directed by Mario Marcel

About the play: In a song of hope… the tender story of three women in search of solidarity, affection, love…

From the director: This handiwork – now in your hands – was crafted mere hours ago. Critical hours in which all doubts and certainties presented themselves, struggled amongst themselves, and, inevitably, unleashed themselves in endless array of facts. What is passionate – and dangerous – in this work is being able to select each facet, and knowing, or intuiting, where to place them.

Reality is about to begin. And you very quickly will fall in love with a play that, without doubt, will become a Latin American classic. A play that examines and develops passages in life, filled with pain, tenderness, sweetness, and much love.

And if an objection could exist, it would be found in the simplicity of the theme and the fluidity of its course. Nothing more. And that a young cast, hardworking and talented, readied itself wholeheartedly to clear all the obstacles.

It is not an easy task to introduce an author who is unknown up until today, to direct young actresses in the dynamics of a play that finds itself between fantasy and naturalism, and to ask a young and new technical team to realize such a grand commitment.

Here are the results. Teatro de la Luna has as one of its goals to make each of its offerings a “theater experience”, and to make it seem an essential experience, so that the audience itself is transformed alongside the actors and technicians into being the real protagonists in the theater. This is all… and in the case that there is something else, these are simply FAIRY TALES.

Mario Marcel

From the author: I have always believed that illusions are what stir our lives. We tell ourselves stories so that life isn’t so difficult. In this world so concrete, so filled with business deals, with chasing after money, with escaping from so many horrors, I believe that it is necessary guard a space for dreams, illusions and tenderness. “Fairy Tales” is in homage to everyone who, from their everyday lives, weaves a magic that gives them the will to live.

I believe that theater is an art whose principal purpose is to “embrace”. I am deeply moved that this embrace has reached so far away. I hope that in all of you, audience in distant lands, stirs a feeling of brotherhood with us.

It is also a dream, a kind of magic, that the friends of Teatro de la Luna are interested in this humble work written in a small country in the South. I extend my thanks to all of you. And I dare to thank you as well in the name of all the “fairies” that reside in Uruguay, who, surely, are very much like the fairies found in other parts of the world.

Raquel Diana


Blanca……………………….. Anabel Marcano

Maruja……………………….. Muriel Alfonseca

Carmen………………………. Nucky Walder

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