Was seen on our stage in:
I Want Them Both by Ricardo Talesnik
As If It Were Tonight by Gracia Morales
Drops of Water by Jacqueline Briceño
Heartstrings by Dino Armas
Chúmbale (Every Love Bird Needs a Nest) by Oscar Viale
The Cat and the Seagull
Two-Scented Rose by Emilio Carballido
The Box of Surprises
Kick-Butt Women
ABE, a dream fulfilled
Hansel and Gretel
The Adventures of Pinocchio

She has dedicated her life to her passions: writing, acting and teaching. Her publications include the story “The blind and my woman” published in New York City’s Noticias Literarias (2007) and Letralia (2009). Her poetry has appeared in the publications Viva mi gente in San Francisco, California, and Letras anónimas in Mexico City. An excerpt from her story “Deaf Sky, Mute Earth” appeared in the anthology 100+ Real Stories, published by U.S.-based CBH Books. She is author of “Kinyal de Pasiones.” Two of her poems form part of the “Poets Against Violence” anthology from El Salvador. In 2011, her story “The Ugliest” was published in the magazine Contra Cultura in El Salvador. She works locally as an actor, instructor and assistant director at Teatro de la Luna and collaborates with the Eventos VIP Pass magazine. She is also a scriptwriter for the TV series “The Lopez’s House,” which is broadcast in her native El Savador on Channel 27.