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The Adventures

of Pinocchio

Las Aventuras de Pinocho

adapted & directed by
Neher Jacqueline Briceño

About the play:

The unforgettable classic story brought to the stage for the delight of all children… A memorable trip through the magic circus with Pinocchio and his friends: the Cricket, the Good Fairy, the Cat, all led by Papa Gepetto.


Gepetto, a good though lonely old man who makes toys and puppets of wood, dreams of having a son. The Fairy of Wishes grants his wish, bringing his puppet Pinocchio to life, promising him – if he behaves himself – to transform him into a real live boy. Wanting to grow and learn, Pinocchio goes to school, along with his friend Pepe Grillo, the cricket. On route, Pinocchio is tricked by the Cat and Fox through lies and false promises. They sell him to Stromboli instead of taking him to school. Though rescued by the Fairy, Pinocchio lies and, as punishment, his nose begins to grow. He learns his lesson, returning to Gepetto where, happy and content, he is transformed into a real live boy.


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