Was seen on our stage in:
As If It Were Tonight

With a Doctorate in Philology from the University of Granada, Gracia Morales taught Hispano-American literature and theater in the Department of Spanish Philology in the same university from 1998/99-2003.  She switched to the University of Jaén from 2003-2009 and then returned to the University of Granada, where she is today.  She has published plays, poetry and stories, as well as numerous articles on Hispano-American literature in international magazines.  She has won many literary, poetic and theatrical awards. Among her plays are:  Entre puerta y paredes (Between door and walls), 2009, NN12 (2008), A paso lento (Slow Walk) 2007, Un horizonte amarillo en los ojos (A Yellow Horizon in the Eyes) 2003, Un lugar estratégico (A Strategic Place) 2003 – winner of the 7th Miguel Romero Esteo Award, and Como si fuera esta noche (As If It Were Tonight) 2002.  In 2005 she participated in writing the text to Puertas cerradas (Closed Doors), together with H. Centeno and J.A. Salvatierra, as well as La orilla perra del mundo (The Damned Shore of the World) with other playwrights under the supervision of José Sanchis Sinisterra.  Her plays have been staged by various companies in Spain (Valencia, Seville and Madrid), France and Latin America (Argentina, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Mexico). She has participated in, and also taught, numerous courses and workshops on playwrighting, puppetry, clown and voice technique. She has also served as Assistant Director in various productions, and has acted with critical and public acclaim.