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a dream fulfilled

un sueño cumplido


written and directed by
Neher Jacqueline Briceño

About the play:

ABE the child, ABE the teen and ABE the President! Abraham Lincoln was one of the finest American presidents, well known not just in the USA, but throughout Latin America as well. He had a very interesting childhood and teen years. Come find out the important things that made him who he was, and created the man the world calls "The Great Emancipator".


He and She, time travelers, circle the world seeking unforgettable stories to relive. Their brushes give life to one of the most moving and important figures of history; the story of little Abe - Abraham Lincoln - a poor but noble child from the wilds of Kentucky.

Changing themselves into his parents and into Mr. Rooster and Mrs. Goose, He and She help us relive moments marking the childhood, youth and maturity of this great dreamer who saw his ideas of glory and liberty fulfilled, thus becoming one of the most important president of the United States of America.


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