Was seen on our stage in:
Chúmbale (Every Love Bird Needs a Nest)

Oscar Viale (1932-1994) Doubtless one of the most distinguished Argentinean playwrights, Viale began his theatrical vocation as an actor, in which he achieved noticeable and celebrated interpretations.  But, from the moment in 1967 that he premiered his first play, The Piercing Scream, the writer absorbed the actor.

His legacy demonstrates his ability to produce a solid, coherent script, highlighting consistently a sharp wit, an easy facility in creating types and characters with an undeniable theatrical stamp, skillful use of popular language and a sure ability in observing current reality and the world around him.

These virtues are showcased in such works as La Pucha (1969), Chúmbale (1971), I’m an Argentine! (1976, with other authors), Delighted to Know You, Leonor vs. Benedetto (1978), Living Together (1979), Intimate Friends, Periphery (1982), Black Road (1983), Before Entering Let Them Exit (1984) and Treat it with Love (1985).  Titles that is standard in Spanish language film guides: The Jewish Cowboys (1974), Don’t Touch the Baby (1975), Juan Who Laughed (1976), Hell So Feared (1981) and Sweet Silver (1981).  He also wrote numerous librettos and sketches for TV.