Was seen on our stage in:
No need to Cry by Roberto "Tito" Cossa
Turkish Tango by Rafael Bruza
Gentlemen's Club [Love Torn] by Rafael Bruza
Chúmbale (Every Love Bird Needs a Nest) by Oscar Viale
She Returned One Night by E. Rovner
The Adventures of Pinocchio

Jerry Daniel, a Peruvian, has a degree in International Relations from American University. He first took acting studies at the Club de Teatro in Lima, then continued with workshops led by Reynaldo Arenas and Carlos Victoria and, in 2004, workshops at the Euro American Institute in France. Between 2006 and 2008, he participated in Teatro de la Luna workshops, performing in the dramatic play reading of Smithereens and later acting in The Adventures of Pinocchio, She Returned One Night and Chúmbale: Every Love Bird Needs a Nest.  For GALA Theater, he performed in the children’s musicals The World is a Handkerchief, El Bosque de mis Libros and Mummy in the Closet: The Return of Eva Perón (a musical that received five Helen Hayes Award nominations). For Hexagon, he performed in What So Proudly We Bailed. Daniel has studied music, voice and classical ballet and has performed with local bands. As a composer and performer, he currently is directing the production of his own musical works for local and international release. For details visit