Was seen on our stage in:
Turkish Tango
Gentlemen's Club [Love Torn]

Rafael Bruza, owner of a singular and visionary style, is one of the most prominent creators in Argentine theater. Playwright, actor and director, since 1981 he has been associated with Teatro Llanura. As an actor, he appeared in El jorobadito (adapted from the work by Roberto Arlt), El clásico binomio (with Jorge Ricci), Tango Turco in the Nacional Cervantes theater and other plays. He has directed works including Maratón by Ricardo Monti, La casita de los viejos by Mauricio Kartun, El desatino by Griselda Gambaro, Ivonne, princesa de Borgoña by Witold Gombrowicz. Among his writing credits are El encanto de las palabras, El cruce de la pampa, Rotos de amor and Tango Turco. Bruza has appeared in national and international theater festivals in the United States, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, Nicaragua, Spain, Portugal and France. He has served as a teacher for 15 years at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral and elsewhere, and he has taught courses en Venezuela, Colombia, Spain and Paraguay. He holds several positions at Argentina’s Instituto Nacional de Teatro.