Was seen on our stage in:
Sex, Shame and Tears by Antonio Serrano
I Want Them Both by Ricardo Talesnik
Heartstrings by Dino Armas

Yovinca Arredondo Justiniano, from Bolivia, has a degree in arts and communications. In a career that has moved through theater, film and TV, she has worked as an actor, director, producer and founder of her own company, Tucura Cunumi. Her debut as a playwright came in 2011 with ‘September.’ Yovinca has been involved in more than a dozen shows, including ‘The Condor and the Girl’ (an Irish-Bolivian production), ‘September,’ ‘Heartstrings’ (Bolivia and USA–Teatro de la Luna) and ‘Nighttime Eccentrics,’ among others. She cemented her artistic training through studies with teachers from Ireland, France, Spain, Switzerland and Argentina. She has participated in a variety of TV spots and radio voiceovers, as well as in films of varying lengths. Yovinca has received awards and acknowledgments at Bolivian and international festivals, garnering public respect, critical attention and positive press. In 2012, for the third consecutive year, she won an important Bolivian theatrical award. In 2013, she will direct ‘And if I sing you love songs’ in Bolivia and will also perform in Spain.