Was seen on our stage in:
Sex, Shame and Tears

Antonio Serrano Playwright, scriptwriter, director and actor Antonio Serrano was born in Mexico in 1955 and studied communications at the Ibero-American University (Universidad Iberoamericana) and theater in Mexico, England, Denmark, France and Italy. He has written and directed many of his own works, notably Doble cara (Double Face) and Café americano (American Coffee). ‘Sex, Shame and Tears’ ran for almost two years in Mexico City, with more than 500 performances. He has directed several hit series on Mexico’s Argos Television, including the telenovelas Nada Personal (Nothing Personal) in 1996, Mirada de mujer (Look of a Woman) in 1997 and La Vida en el espejo (Life in a Looking Glass) in 1999.

Serrano’s debut as film director and writer came with the screen adaptation of Sex, Shame and Tears, which became the biggest-grossing Mexican film in 2000, seen by millions. It won Serrano an Ariel award for best adaption from the Mexican Academy of Arts and Sciences Cinematographers. He subsequently directed La Hija del Caníbal (Daughter of a Cannibal), Life Express and Hidalgo: La historia jamás contada (Hidalgo: The Never-told Story). Serrano has received many awards and accolades for his work as a director, dramatist and playwright.