Was seen on our stage in:

Heartstrings by Dino Armas

Just at Life's Best Moment by Alicia Muñoz

Marycarmen Wila has appeared in several films, including Season of a Woman, Toxic, and Playing Doctor (to be premiered in New York City this year). She has done some industrial-commercials and voice-overs for productions on the Discovery and National Geographic channels Acting since age 7, she follows in the footsteps of her mother, Carmen Wila. She has worked in several theatres in the Washington, DC area, and after a brief break from the stage, is returning to the stage in Heartstrings.  Marycarmen divides her time between Virginia and Philadelphia, where she also acts. Her most recent television casting was hosting, Música & Algo Más.  The show is scheduled to premier this summer on Network Channel 10, Fairfax VA.