Was seen on our stage in:
Just at Life's Best Moment

Alicia Muñoz was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1940.  Her first artistic leanings were musical, and she was an orchestra violinist for 20 years.  During this time she also studied drama with theatrical directors Roberto López Pertierra and Luis Agustoni, as well as showcasing her first works.  Her first play was titled “Ciudad en Fuga” (City in Flight), a tragic-comedy about the yellow fever epidemic of 1871 in Buenos Aires which was well-received by both the public and critics.  From there, she has written more than 20 plays of various genres, from comedy to tragedy, specializing in historic themes that permit her to speak with greater depth of current events.  Plays which have been presented include “La Taberna del Cuervo Blanco” (Tavern of the White Raven), “El Pobre Franz” (Poor Franz), based on a letter to Franz Kafka’s father, “La Coronela” (The Lady Colonel) – a monologue, “La Chalequera”, and “El Año de la Peste” (Year of the Plague).  Recent works include “Un León Bajo el Agua” (A Lion Under Water), which received the Trinidad Guevara and Argentores best play of 2003 awards, and “Justo en lo Mejor de mi Vida” (Just at Life’s Best Moment), awarded the 2004 ACE theater reporters’ award and the 2005 “Estrella de Mar” for best comedy in the city of Mar del Plata.  She has also written TV shows and is currently finalizing a film script with director Rodolfo Mórtola.