Was seen on our stage in:

Venice by Jorge Accáme
Don Anacleto de Miser
The Cat’s Out of the Bag

HERNANDO ACUÑA, made his debut in 1977 with Colombian Air Force Theatrical group, in Monologue of a Madman. Since then, he has worked successfully and unceasingly within the theatrical field, in various Latin American countries. He spent ten consecutive years as a part of Elenco Radio Teatral de Todelar, where his restless energy raised him to Producer of his own shows: The Pretentious Young Ladies, The Emperor’s New Clothes, The Coconut Goblin, and Brazen Classics, among others. For TV, he appeared in Great Masterworks, The Source, Crossed Destinies, The Golden Flower, Rasputin, El Virrey Solis and many more. He debuted in the United States with Teatro de la Luna through their Experience Theater program. He has successfully worked in diverse productions with them, including Houseguest, The Cat’s Out of the Bag, Don Anacleto the Miser and now in Venice, where he interprets the role of Giacomo.