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VII Festival

Feb 4  - Mar 13,  2004


Puerto Rico



Costa Rica


“In Spanish with live English dubbing”

Press Reviews

WASHINGTON POST   "Teatro de la Luna's Hot Hot Hot Nights"
BOB ANTHONY   "Teatro de la Luna starts off with a big bang"

Uniting people from Spain to México, and from there all Hispanic people - without forgetting our Caribbean colleagues - until we arrive in Argentina. Uniting talents through award-winning Hispanic productions. Uniting the need to share this work with others. Now, especially, we walk together towards "Theater for the People".


  Opening Reception
Embassy of Argentina

February 4, 2004  (6:30-8:30PM)

On Wednesday, February 4, 2004, from 6:30PM – 8:30PM the 7th International Festival of Hispanic Theater will officially open in the Oval Salon of the Argentina Embassy at 1600 New Hampshire Avenue, N.W., Washington, DC. Close to the Dupont Circle Metro Station. Our official Festival President, Puerto Rican dramatist, actor and director Myrna Casas, will open the doors to the festival, and to our very good friends as well.


Spain (Madrid)

by Marta Górriz

directed by Christian Atanasiu

February 2004,  Friday 27 (8PM), Saturday 28 (3PM y 8PM)

“In Spanish with live English dubbing”

…to laugh profoundly…

America has signified adventure, immensity, richness, the uncle ‘over there’, film stars, technology … America is “in”, “with it”, “wow” and “cool”. America is IT.

Light Satire (Ages: 16 & up)

The Polish

Spain (Barcelona)


by Pere Calders & Slawomir Mrozek

directed by J. F. Tarrasón

February 2004,  Friday 13 (8PM), Saturday 14 (3PM y 8PM)

“In Spanish with live English dubbing”

…to fall down laughing…

Who says Theater of the Absurb isn’t logical? Especially as it flies us through stories we are told are for children yet, as adults, we still don’t understand.

Comedy of the Absurd (Ages: All ages)

La Trova Yucateca


Café Concert

The Yucatan Troubadours

Carlos & Emiliano

February 2004,  Thursday 5  (7PM)

…to dream…

Carlos and Emiliano are much more than voices and guitars. They are the feeling, the wistful, romantic expression of the entire Yucatan. For lovers of love …

Café-Concert/Cabaret (Ages: All ages)

The Street of Last Chances

Costa Rica

Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica

by L. Josefina Hernández

directed by Mariano González

February 2004,  Friday 20 (8PM), Saturday 21 (3PM y 8PM)

“In Spanish with live English dubbing”

…to dream… and dream again…

Simplicity incarnate. People meet, greet, part, on one small street. For those who believe in the grandeur of humankind.

Realistic Comedy (Ages: All ages)

Three Tropical Nights and a Hellish Life

Puerto Rico

Producciones Cisne, Inc.

by Myrna Casas

directed by Myrna Casas

February 2004,  Friday 6 (8PM), Saturday 7 (3PM y 8PM)

March 2004,  Friday 12 (8PM), Saturday 13 (3PM y 8PM))

“In Spanish with live English dubbing”

…to laugh and contemplate…

"Tres Noches Tropicales," written and directed by Puerto Rican dramatist (and honorary festival president) Myrna Casas, offers a slice out of the lives of Raquelita, a well-baubled Cuban housewife; Yaya, a trashy "masseuse"; and Gloria, a hopelessly drunk tarot-card reader.

Satiric Comedy (Ages: 16 & up)

Teatro de la Luna's Hot Hot Hot Nights

WASHINGTON POST, Saturday, February 14, 2004; Page C01
Last weekend at Arlington's Gunston Arts Center, performer Angela Meyer sang a few songs, told a few stories, and generally worked the room like a seasoned Vegas lounge act.

(See complete note)




by Dino Armas

directed by Gloria Levy

March 2004,  Friday 5 (8PM), Saturday 6 (3PM y 8PM)

“In Spanish with live English dubbing”

…to smile at old secrets…

Two sisters who took differing roads meet again. Like life itself, these vital and intense characters will take us down the path of hilarity and compassion.

Black Comedy (Ages: 16 & up)

Don Anacleto  the Miser


Teatro de la Luna

by Isidora Aguirre (Chile)

directed by Mario Marcel

February,  Saturday 14 (11AM) y Saturday 21 (11AM)

Everyone hated Don Anacleto the Miser. One day a curse backfires and his heart opens up. He discovers that reaching out to others is "very important", and that, "He who gives the most receives the most".


The Box of Surprises


Teatro de la Luna

by Juan E. Acuña

directed by Agustín Núñez

Feb, Saturday 28 (11AM) y Mar, Saturday 6 (11AM)

Little ones will enjoy this show, which teaches that everything can be achieved through hard work, good spirits, and a positive attitude.



Our visiting troupes travel by Continental Airlines and stay in the Comfort Inn Ballston/Arlington





Week 1
Opening Reception
Wednesday 2/4 (6:30PM)
Thursday 2/5  (7PM)
Puerto Rico
Friday 2/6 (8PM)
Saturday 2/7 (3PM)
Saturday 2/7 (8PM)
Week 2
España (Barcelona)
Friday 2/13 (8PM)
Saturday 2/14 (3PM)
Saturday 2/14 (8PM)
Week 3
Costa Rica
Friday 2/20 (8PM)
Saturday 2/21 (3PM)
Saturday 2/21 (8PM)
Week 4
España (Madrid)
Friday 2/27 (8PM)
Saturday 2/28 (3PM)
Saturday 2/28 (8PM)
Week 5
Friday 3/5 (8PM)
Saturday 3/6 (3PM)
Saturday 3/6 (8PM)
Week 6
Puerto Rico
Friday 3/12 (8PM)
Saturday 3/13 (3PM)
Saturday 3/13 (8PM)