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XV Poetry Marathon

XII Poetry Marathon

Was born in Colombia, and grew up in the Amazon Jungle where he studied in a Catholic seminary ruled by Italian priests. Twenty years later he moved to Bogotá to study Psychology, Spanish language and literature. After graduation he worked as an actor and director. His main interest was the theater of the absurd, especially Beckett's works. In 1987 he moved to Spain to begin his doctoral work on modern poetry at the University Complutense. Actually is an Assistant Professor at Eastern Kentucky University. Manuel writes poetry, short stories and essays on poetry and films. He has published four books: Trazos al margen (Notes in the Margin), Madrid 1990. Prohibido fijar avisos (Post No Bills), Madrid 1991. Caja de iniquidades (Den of Iniquities), Chile 1995. El espejo del otro (The Mirrored Other) Paris/Bogotá 1999. He has also been included in various anthologies: Trayecto contiguo (Parallel Paths), Madrid 1994, Los pasajeros del Arca (Travellers of the Ark), Argentina 1994, Libro de bitácora (Ship’s Log), Argentina 1996, Donde mora el amor (Where Love Abides), Argentina 1997. Manuel has written several articles about Hispanic literature. Some of them published in magazines such as Imagen, (Venezuela), Con-textos (Colombia), and ANQ: A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes, and Reviews (Washington). He has written more than forty articles on poetry and short narrative, some of them about the most outstanding Hispanic poets (Borges, Arreola, Coral Bracho, Armando Romero, Alvaro Mutis, Fernado Arbelaez, etc.) His poems have been included in leading Poetry Magazines: Mississippi Review, Textos: Works and Criticism, Mascaluna, Brujula y Compaz, Dolor y Literatura, Folios etc. Currently Manuel has completed two more poetry books: Appetizers and Metáfora de la desnudez total (A Total Nude Metaphor).