Was seen on our stage in:

The Lettuce by César Sierra
Lard by Pedro Torriente

Harold Ruiz is a graduate of MFA from the Superior Institute of Art in Havana, Cuba and studied performing arts at the Theatre Institute of Kiev, Ukraine. In DC, he has appeared with GALA's company for the last four seasons. His credits include Cuban Roots 2, La verdad sospechosa, Don Juan of Seville, La noche de los asesinos and last season's acclaimed production of The Ideal Place, and Cervantes Interludes. As a member of the National Theatre of Cuba he performed, among others, The Misantrope, The Dance, The Shoemaker’s prodigeous Wife, and Caligula, by Alber Camus, with wich he was honored with an Award for outstanding actor. He toured Spain with Blood Weeding and Bernarda Alba. Mr. Ruiz has participated in theatre festivals throughout Spain, Cuba, and Ukraine. Last year he directed Parece Blanca at Catholic University of America and Manteca at Teatro de la Luna.