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Just at Life's Best Moment by Alicia Muñoz

Monalisa Arias is a Panamanian born actor, musician, and fight choreographer.  She most recently played the lead in Venus Theatre’s “Cigarettes and Moby Dick.”  Educated at the London Drama Academy and The College of William & Mary, she has acted and choreographed fights for Venus Theatre, Teatro de la Luna, GALA, Theatre Virginia, St. Mark’s Players, Theater at Lime Kiln, and Theatre IV.  Her work on The Runaways was nominated for Outstanding Fight Choreography for the 2003 WATCH awards.  She has also choreographed fights for several independent films and has acted in El Rio de la Muerte, The Faithful, The Adventures of Adrian Manx, The Mystic Motel, Two Front Teeth (films), Yerma, Stonewall Country, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Adventures of Lewis and Clark (theater plays). Monalisa recently released her first CD, entitled Olympic, and gigs regularly in the DC area.  In October 2004 she had the honor of opening for Soraya at a benefit concert.  You can visit her website at, and find her music at