Was seen on our stage in:
Ecuador Mágico (Magical Ecuador)

Juana Estrella, from Cuenca, has an extensive theatrical career including roles “Aguita de Viejas/Herbal Tea for Little Old Ladies” by María Beatriz Vergara, “Christopher Columbus” by Michael Ghelderode with the group Trapatiesta, “Delirium for Two” by E. Ionesco, “The Magdalene” by Margarite Yourcenar, “The Vagina Monologues” by Eve Ensler, “The Eternal Feminine” by Rosario Castellanos, “Kito kon K” by Peky Andino, and “Going and Coming” by Juan Andrade. She has acted under the direction of María Beatriz Vergara, Viviana Cordero, Juan Andrade, and Peky Andino. She has participated in national and international festivals in Central America and Europe. She has played protagonists in TV and films, distinguishing herself in the Ecuadoran film by Tania Hermida, “In the Name of the Daughter.” Juana won acclaim for her work in two of Teatro de la Luna’s International Festivals of Hispanic Theater.