Was seen on our stage in:
Such a Life You've Given Me... and it's not enough by Susana Torres Molina

Carolina Calderón began acting in 2004 with Teatro Girasol (winner of the National Prize for Best Theater Group in 2008) at the University of Costa Rica, during which time she was awarded a scholarship to complete her studies in business administration. Since then she has appeared in more than 200 performances of plays including “Ramón” by Sergi Belbel, “Paraíso Semiperdido” by Alejandro Sieveking, “Zuzanka el Juego de la Vida” by Milos Macourek, and “Polución” by Mario Benedetti, among others of collective creation. She took part in the documentary “Imaginary Mothers” and has appeared in TV commercials and print ads in Costa Rica and the United States. Her training has been principally onstage although she has had the opportunity to study with well-known actors and directors like Jeff Celentano, Johnny Timko, and Randall England at The Performer’s Academy, as well as Tom Shelton at South Coast Repertory in Orange County, California, and, most recently, under the direction of Mario Marcel. Carolina debuted with Teatro de la Luna in the children’s play “I Call Her Rusita Rojas” and was part of the cast of the playreading of “You Can Be A Murderer.”