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Such a Life You've Given Me... and it's not enough

Argentine Susana Torres Molina is a writer, playwright, director and theatrical researcher who has worked successfully on fiction, screenplays, dramatic works, musicals, movie shorts, poetry and in radio. Her prolific pen is behind Extraño Juguete, A Otra Cosa Mariposa, Espiral de Fuego, Amantissima, Canto de Sirenas, Paraíso Perdido, No sé tú, Nada Entre los Dientes, Cero, Derrame, El Manjar and other works. Several of her plays have premiered in New York, Washington, D.C., Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, London, Mexico, Montevideo and Caracas. Her writing has been translated into English, Portuguese and German. In 1981, on the heel of many other prizes, the Argentine Association of Actors honored her with the First Meeting of Young Theater Award, citing her broad-based participation in theater festivals and national and international meetings. Her tireless dedication has put her among the great names in theater.