Was seen on our stage in:

Virile Continent de A. Acobino

CARLOS MAURICIO PARRA QUINTERO began theater in his native Colombia, with the children’s theater group “Mundo de Maravillas” (World of Marvels), presenting Pinocchio, Cinderella, Snow White and The Steadfast Tin Soldier.  He also performed in a play of his own creation, Sebastián and the Country of FantasyWith the Arte Teatral group, he acted in Shameless Bedding, The Subterranean Sun and Story of ChristmasWith the passage of time, he continued with theater for young people of differing social classes, communities, colleges and institutions.  At  UDES University, he presented such works as Empty Pillars, Lend Me Your Husband, The Puppets, and A Mule for SaleIn 2002, as part of his work for the university, he helped create, produce, and organize the University Theater Festival in the city of Bucaramanga; this festival showcased The Farse of Master Pedro Petelín.  In 2004, he began working with Teatro de la Luna through its playreading series, with the play Password, and in 2005 he helped with La Luna’s International Festival of Hispanic Theater and its “La Pluma y la Palabra” Poetry Marathon, reading parts of Don Quijote, and now, he is onstage in Virile Continent.