Was seen on our stage in:
Virile Continent

Alejandro Acobino born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1969. He has studied acting with various well-known Argentinean instructors and at the Municipal School of Dramatic Art, from where he graduated in 1998. He is also a graduate of Playwriting from the School of Dramatic Art. In 1996 he joined the Sucesos Argentinos group, where he debuted his black comedy, Sutilessen (Subtleties). With Caballeros y Damas Negros he launched Cuando los días se marchitan (later renamed Marchita como el día – Withered as the Day), which was directed by the well-known director José María Muscari. In 1997 he opened Volumen I (Volume I), his first work as director and co-author. In 1998 he wrote and directed Plop! o nos vamos a pique … (Plop! or We’re in Peril of … ), showcased at the Emad Theater. He also writes essays and poetry. He has taken part in videos and shorts for the Center of Experimentation and Cinemagraphic Realization. His play Continente Viril (Virile Continent) won the “Germán Rozenmacher” award for new plays at the 3rd International Festival of Buenos Aires, a prize given to Argentinean playwrights under age 35 in order to motivate young playwrights.