Was seen on our stage in:

As If It Were Tonight by Gracia Morales

Began her acting career in 1990.  Since adolescence, she has taken part in various theater schools and workshops. She studied acting in Buenos Aires at the University of Belgrano, in the Rubén Szumacher Theater School, and at the Rojas Cultural Center.  She was a part of the University of Belgrano’s theater troupe for eight years, directed by Mario Camarano.  There, she interpreted leading roles in The Blacksmith and Death by Mercedes Rein and Jorge Curi, Yerma, Doña Rosita the Spinster and Blood Wedding by García Lorca, and the one-person show The Awakening by Darío Fo and Franca Rame, among others.  She was part of the production of The Moon is Seeking Him, a tribute to García Lorca at the Picadilli Theater, and she also acted at the Municipal School of Dramatic Arts in such plays as The Future is in Eggs by Ionesco.  She has also studied at Cape Town University in South Africa, and at New York University.