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Hansel &


In Spanish or Bilingual

adapted & directed by
Neher Jacqueline Briceņo

About the play:

The time-honored classic about a brother and sister who must defend themselves against evil, selfishness and lies. The courageous tale both entertains and teaches us, and shows that truth and goodness win in the end.


A poor woodcutter, his wife and two children live in a cottage near the woods. As they have no food, the adults decide to abandon the children in the woods. Days pass until Hansel and Gretel find the Witch of the Woods, who welcomes them, hiding her evil plans. The children overcome all difficulties and return home happily. The woodcutter welcomes them with joy. Their stepmother is also happy, as she realized how wrong she was. They all live happily ever after, convinced that no one can separate them again.

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