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The Box of Surprises

by Juan Enrique Acuña
Directed by Agustín Nuñez

Little ones will enjoy this show which teaches that everything can be achieved through hard work, good spirits, and a positive attitude.

In a place not too far away, and well-known by everyone, there’s a little house where a pretty girl lives; pretty, but also moody. Her name is Pintatoda. One day, when she wakes up in a bad mood, it’s hard to be around her. She hates the flowers, she hates the animals, she hates her friends – she hates everything … She’s mean to everyone, and even mistreats Cólera, her favorite wooden horse.

Her best friend, Amiga, runs in, bothered by all the noise Pintatoda is making. Amiga tries to tell Pintatoda that being angry won’t help her, but Pintatoda is too moody to talk with. After Pintatoda storms off, Amiga decides that she’ll never understand Pintatoda, and that maybe the audience can help cure Pintatoda’s bad mood. Then, she remembers that a friend of hers, Melusino, who is a great magician, may have a good answer, and goes to find him.

Melusino invents special games and his magic succeeds in creating an invisible box. Once Pintatoda shows interest in this, they make the box visible, and out of it come some very special guests who will only play with Pintatoda if she’s in a good mood.

Finally, after a lot of games, and some learning, Pintatoda finds out that only through kindness, patience and good deeds can she get what she wants. And sometimes, what she really wants isn’t even what she thought she wanted in the first place!

Pintatoda learns that everything deserves respect, no matter how little or unimportant it seems. She learns that there’s a reason to obey older people. She also learns that sharing can be fun, that feeling thankful can be a good thing, and that love only comes from loving.

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