Blazing Red

by Cruz Robles B. (from Mexico)
Directed by Cruz Robles B.

For You, Only the Best!

Once again we are here with Teatro de la Luna’s friends – with lovers of good theater – to say THANK YOU for joining us in this new adventure. Once again Teatro de la Luna has realized an ambition by presenting the work of a Latin American theater company during our regular season. “La Matraka Teatro” from Mexico, or more precisely from Hermosillo-Sonora, closes our season with its excellent production of “Rojo Carmín/Blazing Red”.

This is a very special moment. It fulfills a promise to our theatrical brothers from this large and beautiful continent. It fulfills a promise to those who help us. And, above all, it fulfills a promise to our patrons. It’s neither easy nor simple bring in a company from outside the country; neither is it impossible. Well, we did it; they’re here to entertain you and perhaps to remind you that Teatro de la Luna is an organization with stretched resources that struggles like others – or unlike others – to share the culture of our heritage.

Today we arrive at a longed-for event; today the festival of theater is complete. Together we can begin to dream of next season. We hope you will help bring that season to reality. We need – always – your presence, your health and the financial support that will permit us to continue bringing you troupes from outside the country. We do this because you are one of us and, of course, “For You, Only the Best”.

Mario Marcel

About the play: Age-old story: Boy meets Girl. Boy meets Girl’s parents. Boy meets girl’s priest, who baptized her and really wants her to get married. But why do women want to marry?... It seems that the desire to marry is common to all women, regardless of education, class, religion… And why do men marry?... Because women want to marry them! No further discussion needed.

Blazing Red reflects on the relationship of Man and Woman with humor, but also with introspection: on their first encounter, on their formal engagement, and on the culmination of engagement – marriage. Serious questions are asked, “Why did I marry you? What was I thinking of? Blazing Red is dedicated to those who have decided to marry and those who have already embarked on this unfortunate path, in order to give them their rights Married Men.

About the director: Cruz Robles began her acting career at 15 in the Artistic Educational Center. She continued studies at the Integral Workshop of Theater of the House of Culture in Hermosillo. While there she was invited by actor/director Gerardo González to join La Matraka Teatro. In 1996 and 1998 she was awarded by the State Foundation for Culture and the Arts for directing and writing projects. She has acted under the direction of Oscar Liera, Ramón Tamayo and Gerardo González. She studies literature at the University of Sonora, besides writing and adapting works for the stage at La Matraka Teatro. She has worked as a producer and a radio program announcer. In 2002 she was recognized as Best Director of the Year for her show Blazing Red, and also received an honorable mention for best actress.

About the company: La Matraka Teatro (The Rattle Theater), during its twelve years of existence, has been a diplomat for culture from Sonora, organizing events for children and funded by the state’s Culture and Arts department, both as a group and individually. The group has been transported from its city of birth, Hermosillo Sonora, to various corners of Mexico, and has represented its state at the National Theater Show. González and Robles began their work together at the Artistic Educational Center of Hermosillo, and from there their collaboration has been basically through courses with well-known professors in the theatrical arena, among them Jesús González Dávila, Oscar Liera, Ramón Tamayo, Antón Valen, Rodolfo Valencia, Emilio Carballido, Norman Teylor, Pablo Pundik, Aurelio González and Sigfrido Aguilar.

As a group, they have presented Behind the Daisy, Clowns and Something More, Matrakeando, Clown Soup, Tell Me… I’ll Tell You, The Cryer, Wooden Actor, and their most recent theatrical work, Blazing Red. They have collaborated with Reading Corners for three consecutive years helping with readings, and promoting native culture through an original project titled Little Time on Foot, Little Time Walking, written specifically for children.


The Man…………………………. Gerardo González

The Woman……………………… Crucita Robles

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