III Festival


Puerto Rico

Costa Rica


Dominican Republic





Imágenes Sensible

(Evita, Sensitive Images)


March 10 & 11


by Néstor Zapata

directed by Néstor Zapata

About the play: The passionate life of an unforgettable woman, EVITA. Her love and her passion, the desperate struggle against a time which will ultimately lead her to a permanent place in the hearts of her people.

La Edad de la Ciruela

(The Age of the Plum)

Costa Rica

February 11 & 12

Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica

by Arístides Vargas

directed by Alfredo Cataña

About the play: The tender story of a family as seen through its memories. Nostalgia and reminiscences become one in the bittersweet taste of a fruit.

Fábula de los

Cinco Caminantes

(Tale of the Five Journeymen)

Dominican Republic

February 16 & 17

Teatro Bella Artes

by Iván García Guerra

directed by Iván García Guerra

About the play: A reflexion of Latin America’s political situation in an atmosphere of magic tension.

Entremeses del Siglo de Oro

(One-Act Play from Spain's Golden Age)


February 16

Algarabía Teatro

by Algarabía Teatro

directed by Lope de Rueda

About the play: The best of Spain’s Golden Age for the delight of our young audiences.

El Paso del Cometa

(The Comet's Passage)


February 18 & 19

Algarabía Teatro

by Algarabía Teatro

directed by Isidro Rodríguez Gallardo

About the play: On the outskirts of a large city, a group of outcasts dream of a better life, the same night that the comet passes.

Una de Cal y una de Arena


Puerto Rico

March 3 & 4

Agua, Sol y Sereno

by Trabajo Colectivo

directed by Pedro Adorno

About the Play: “Una de Cal y Una de Arena”, is an experimental theater piece about the changes brought about development in Puerto Rico during the last forty years. The story is told by construction workers and their bosses, who with apparently unconnected objects – a block, a zinc sheet, a hammer and enormous tractor wheels – rhythmically denounce the manner in which nature is being destroyed in favor of an oppressive police of development. Through dialogue, movement and music performed with industrial debris, the stage is transformed into a passionate construction company.

Luces en el Espejo

(Finishing it Off!)


February 25 & 26

Grupo Aventura

by Mary Jane Walsh

directed by Fernando Beramendi

About the play: A poetic and vigorous story where tenderness and humor exist hand in hand all the time. Revealing evocation of unforgettable moments in the lives of various women.

Las Aventuras de Pinocho

(The Adventures of Pinocchio)


Teatro de la Luna

adapted by Jacqueline Briceño

directed by Jacqueline Briceño

About the play: This theatrical experience is a voyage through one of the most recognized stories of fantastical literature, PINOCCHIO, by the Italian storyteller, Carlos Collodi, in a staging designed for young actors who bring to life several characters, dances and songs, putting into practice their skills and their playful and creative impulses. Four actors introduce to the audience the tender story of Papa Gepetto and his wooden doll, who one day comes to life to learn about lying and human ambition, as well as respect and love, in a game of good and evil which allows the children in the audience to draw their own conclusions and express them along with the actors. 

El Caballero de la Mano de Fuego

(The Knight of the Flaming Hand)


March 8, 9, 10 & 11

Tempo Teatro

by Javier Villafañe

directed by Eduardo Di Mauro

About the play: Two classics of the great master Javier Villafañe, or all lovers of the best in Puppet Theater.