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Pluf, The Little Ghost

by María Claro Machado
Directed by Mario Marcel


The plot is simple enough: three seamen have set out to rescue Maribel, the grandchild of the lauded sea captain, Bonanza Arco Iris. The late captain’s treasure rightfully belongs to her, but she has been kidnapped by our villain, who aims not only to find the hidden treasure, but to marry the girl as well. We are told that the treasure lies hidden in “a house, lost amidst the white sands, near a green sea”. Sure enough, Pluf and his mother, Mrs. Ghost have been living in this very “house” all the while. And it is in this very house that the cast will come together: Maribel, the sailors who seek her as well as her inheritance; Pluf, his mother and Uncle Gerundio, the one character who knows the whereabouts of the treasure but who exists solely for sleeping inside a trunk and for eating “wind pies”. Following a series of hilarious encounters in which everybody spooks everyone else, the play reaches its happy ending, amidst hearty cheers and singing, all in honor of the late Captain Bonanza, as well as all ghosts, human beings, all the good and gentle feelings that nestle within every soul and of the imagination, which we must always, and with all our hearts, keep safe from the ravages of larceny and abduction.

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