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by Ramos Perea (Puerto Rico)
Directed by José Carrasquillo

About the play

Magical! Satirical!! Eternal!!! Life’s magic captured in a capsule… Mistiblú is a journey towards mankind’s capacity to overcome the feelings of dissatisfaction and disenchantment, the unsettling sensations of historical changes. Floating far beyond the anecdotes and their protagonists that provoke a catharsis is the urgency to find the reason for being.

From the director

One of my earliest memories revolves around a music box that belonged to my mother. I spent hours looking at the twirling ballerina and sometimes, if I looked into the box’s mirrors, the object seemed animated with life.

Roberto Ramos-Perea and his Mistiblú have given me the opportunity to open yet another music box – one that holds three legendary characters from different eras. In this box, we find the political realities forced on the people of Puerto Rico and questions about the two alternatives we have on earth… to live or to die.

Welcome to this magical vision, and remember that eternal life comes at a high price.

Laugh, enjoy and support your theater artists.

About the author

Roberto Ramos-Perea is arguably Puerto Rico’s most well-known modern playwright. He is also an accomplished journalist, critic, producer, director and actor.

Born in 1959 in Mayaguez, Ramos-Perea left after high school for Mexico where he studied in the School of Theater Arts. On his return to Puerto Rico, he completed his Bachiller of Arts studies, getting his degree with a specialty in Drama from the University of Puerto Rico in 1982. While still a college student, he founded the Attika Theater Company. He goes on to be editor of the Literary Gazette Magazine and Profesor of Dramatic Art.

Ramos-Perea’s fate was sealed from that moment on – theater would be the driving force in his life. That force and his talent make their mark in Puerto Rican dramatic circles, and extend beyond the national border. His prodigious output takes diverse forms: writing, editing, teaching, acting, directing, founding theater groups and magazines… His creativity and capacity for work seem to know no limits.

With more than forty plays produced, twenty works published and more in press, Ramos-Perea has received international recognition of his writings. Among his most prestigious awards are: TIRSO DE MOLINA PRIZE, 1992; Special Recognition from Havana’s publishing center, Casa de las Americas, 1982; TEATRO DUE THEATER Prize of New York, 1983; René Marques Prize of the Puerto Rican Ateneo, 1983 and 1984; the BOLIVAR PAGAN National Prize for Journalism, 1987 and 1991.

Madonna.......…………………………………… Mary Teresa Fortuna
Giacommo Casanova..………………………. Mario Marcel
Conde de Saint Germain.…………………… Héctor Jiménez

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