PRESS RELEASES  -  2012/2013




XXI Poetry Marathon



Club de Caballeros (Gentlemen's Club)



Student Theater Workshops (Powell)



Auditions Club de Caballeros (Gentlemen's Club)



Sex, Shame and Tears (Sexo, Pudor y Lágrimas)



A Night of Romance for Valentines’ Day



Children's Theater Festival (JANUARY)



Student Theater Workshops (Bruce-Monroe)



Argentina - XV Festival



Venezuela - XV Festival



USA - XV Festival



Spain - XV Festival



Ecuador - XV Festival



Argentina - XV Festival



Dominicana - XV Festival



Change of Venue Opening Reception 15th Festival



15th International Festival of Hispanic Theater



22st Season 2012/2013



Arpas de América (Latin American Harp Festival)



Auditions Season 2012-2013



Bilingual Theater Workshops for Children







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