La Pluma y la Palabra / The Pen and the Word

In each and every year since 1992, Teatro de la Luna has held its Poetry Marathon: The Pen and the Word with the objective of energizing the Hispanic community’s creativity, to support the work of our poets and allow us to hear it as they would have it heard, and to draw people closer to all Spanish-language poetry in general.

In 2001, this tremendous celebration of words went international with the presence of well-known poets from the Spanish-speaking world. The participation of these poets, invited by the Teatro, is complemented by the audience members-children, youths, men and women-who recite, read or interpret their own works or those of renowned writers who may or may not be present at the Marathon.

The Marathon is coordinated for Teatro de la Luna by Dominican poet Rei Berroa, literary advisor to the Teatro and literature professor at George Mason University in Virginia.

Young People’s Poetry Marathon in Spanish

In 2000 we instituted the Young People’s Poetry Marathon as part of Teatro de la Luna’s Experience Theater program. The event is dedicated to promoting the beauty of our language and to awakening interest in poetry and literature among our young students in elementary, middle and high schools. Students recite original poems or those of their favorite authors in Spanish. Whether in solo performance or as a group, all are welcome and all are applauded.

Registration for this event is mandatory. Participation is completely free for schools and for students.