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You will help us promote theater as a tribute to our constantly changing and evolving Hispanic culture, going beyond national boundaries, as a direct contribution to our cosmopolitan society. This is a pleasant duty we can share as we walk in concert down the splendid road towards a joy of theater “in the best Latin American style”

Your tax-deductible contribution helps create our programs and activities, assuring the continuance of Teatro de la Luna’s high standards.

Your contribution helps keep our ticket prices among the lowest of area theaters, making it possible for young people and senior citizens, and indeed everyone who is budget-conscious, to enjoy a great theatrical experience, whether it be our regular shows, our playreadings, our poetry marathons, or our theater for children.

Your contribution also helps bring visiting troupes from Hispanic countries to Teatro de la Luna during our International Festival of Hispanic Theater, making your donation truly international in scope!

Your help is the foundation that allows us to maintain our creativity and quality, our organization and administration. We invite you to become a member of the Greater Lunar Family or, as we like to say, one of our “Lunatics”:



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Please help us by making a contribution to TEATRO DE LA LUNA. All contributions are tax-deductible. You can either click here to donate via credit card, send a check to the following address, or come by our CASA DE LA LUNA at 4020 Georgia Ave., NW – Washington, DC 20011 to give personally. We’ll greet you with open arms and a cup of coffee!

Thanks to the friends who make our Moon shine bright

FULL MOON (over $3,000)

Arlington Cultural Affairs Division of Arlington Economic Development, Arlington Commission for the Arts, DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities, Mayor’s Office on Latino Affairs (OLA), The MARPAT Foundation, The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation, Inter-American Development Bank-IDB Solidarity, Banco Popular de la República Dominicana, Oficina Cultural-Embajada de España, Embassy of Ecuador, The Washington Forrest Foundation, UNITED Airlines, Mario Marcel & Nucky Walder.

HALF MOON ($1,000 - $2,999)

Arlington Community Foundation, AARP, Embassy of Uruguay, Kinder Morgan Foundation, The Charles Engelhard Foundation, David Bradley, Mary Dempsey, Pedro & Mireya González, Caroline Morris Mansfield, Sarah P. Martin, Carlos Rodriguez PhD., Tango Pastry LLC., Patisserie Manuel LLC., Rumba Café.

RISING MOON ($300 - $999)

Muriel A. Alfonseca, Ana Alonso & Rei Berroa, Luis Alberto Ambroggio, Leonardo Andujar, Rose Ann Cleveland, Luzmaría Esparza, Marcela Ferlito, Walter Gómez & Claudia Torres, Daniele de Francesco & Consuelo Hernández, Peter Gil, Judith Heumann & Jorge Pineda, Elizabeth & Robert Huffman, Kathryn Taylor Lasso, Antonio & Teresa Longo, Wesley MacAdam, Sara E. Meléndez, Antonio Monroig, Marcos Pizarro, Viviana Tandeciarz, Santos Ventura, Misión de Paraguay ante OEA.

STAR ($1 - $299)

Ramiro Acosta, Lydia Aguirre, Carmen Alegre, Fritz Andersen, Damiana Astudillo, Carmen Aponte, Frederick Babb, Mirian Barrios, Rosita Becker, Katia Berrueta, Maury Branch III, D.D.S., Elizabeth Bruce & Michael Oliver, Amalia Castro Ponce, William Camarinos, Nieves Capell, Ernesto Castagnino, René Costales, Rosa Isabel Criollo, Irene Chacón, Choices, Inc., Ana María Dávila, Livio Danna, María Duff, Santiago Dávila, Edwin Echeverría, David Ellison, Edgar y Zenaida Enciso, Gabriela Fernández, Leonor Fernández, Allena García, Claudia Gargiulo, Livia Gatti, Antonio Gayoso, Teresa Genta-Fons, María Isabel Gómez, Paolo González, Gabriela González, Catherine Gordon, Nicole Grether, Alberto Grosmark, Maritza Gueler, Marta Guinot, Leda Cristina Hernández, Sally Hojvat, Liliya Ilnistky, Verónica Jarrin, Maritza La Cruz, Luis Laboy, John Paul Lennon, David Lewis, Richard Mazie, Raúl Méndez, Mirta Carolina Lohman, Ana María Long, Mark Longo, Ted Loza, Soledad Loyola, Martha Lynch, Araceli Ma, Delia Morales, Auto-Body Shop-José Morínigo -Taller Guaraní, Maria Cristina Oddi, Norma Parraguez, Alfred Pavot, Luis Pérez, Wile Purtscher, Juanita Real, César Recalde, Norberto Requejo, Pablo Renart, Graciela Rivas, Rita Rodríguez, Michaelangelo Rodríguez, Victoria S. Rodríguez, Leonel Rojas, Mario Rojas, Fredis Romero, Orlando Rossardi, Alex Rossi, María Sakamoto, Sandra Scioville, Sheridan Snedden, Alberto Sturla, Walter Tejada, Hortensia Torres, Karin Tovar, Yared Tesfaye, Elena Tscherny, Juan Pablo Vacatello, Adriana Vohden, Rodney Wallace, Maribel Woodward, Ivan Yacub.

Thanks to all the Loyal Lunas!

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