João Luis

Was seen on our stage in:
XXV Poetry Marathon

João Luís Barreto Guimarães was born in Porto, Portugal (June, 3rd, 1967) where he graduated in Medicine. He is a Poet (as well as a Breast Reconstructive Surgeon). As a writer, he is the author of 9 poetry books since 1989, collected twice, including his first 7 books in “Poesia Reunida” (“Collected Poetry”, Quetzal, Lisbon, 2011) and the subsequent “Você Está Aqui” (“You Are Here”, Quetzal, Lisbon, 2013) and “Mediterrâneo” (“Mediterranean”, Quetzal, Lisbon, 2016). He is also a translator, a chronicler and a bloguer, mainly for his blog “Poesia & Lda” (“Ilimited Poetry”).

His “Collected Poetry” was reviewed by The Times Literary Supplement: «João Luís Barreto Guimarães is a playful poet. This doesn’t mean he’s unserious, but that he takes poetic form seriously as a game poets play in exploring experience. (…) His questioning temperament, his light but disciplined style, along with his steady focus on the quotidian, serve him well in conveying the love and grief at the heart of his life.» Landeg White Steven Fowler, in 3:AM Magazine, wrote: “With a precision and focus that seems to mirror the requirements of his profession, a surgeon, the poetry of João Luís Barreto Guimarães is representative of the finest work in contemporary Portuguese letters. Concise, eloquent and immediate, his work is concerned with phenomenological clarity and an engagement with a language of presence, of excavated intimation, and a wholly personal reality that hinges on a fundamental act of communication with the impersonal. For over two decades he has been a leading light in a poetry tradition often underappreciated outside of its borders, but from which giants of modern poetry like Fernando Pessoa and João Miguel Fernandes Jorge have emerged.”

His work is published in Anthologies in Portugal, Brasil, Germany, Italy, México and Croacia, as well as in literary magazines in Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Macedonia, Brasil and the United States.


In English: 

-His poem “Anonymous Death” was published in Poetry London, Summer 2015: Issue 81;

-“Christmas Tangerines” and “The Same Rain Again” were published on World Literature Today, 20 July 2016;

-“Everything’s rooftop”, “The cat wants no movement” and “The churches of Europe” were published on Anima, Summer 2016: Issue 3;

-“The Cat Wants No Movement” was accepted for publication on The Columbia Review;
-“Statues Missing Chunks” was accepted for publication on The London Magazine;
"The Efficacy of Light" and "Confession of Hippocrates of Kós" were accepted for publication on Tupelo Quarterly.