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Since the early seventies, Mr. Juárez has achieved a position of privilege among the Argentine tango musicians and critics, as a unique singer and bandoneon player.
Born in the City of Cordoba, Argentina in 1947, Ruben Juarez began his bandoneon lessons at the age of six, an instrument for which he showed exceptional talent. His profound admiration for the tango singer Julio Sosa simultaneously got his singing career started and influenced his style markedly.

He made his debut in 1956 with the orchestra "Típica del club Atletico Independiente" playing the bandoneon. From then on, and day by day, his talent and destiny were confirmed. His gift was unique, pouring out emotions with his voice while his hands carressed the soul of the Tango, his white bandoneon.

One afternoon in November of 1964, his mother called to give him the devastating news: Julio Sosa had died. She told him: "Now we will need a voice in Buenos Aires and that voice has to be yours".

His interpretive force, his personality, his expressive style, and his high-quality repertoire that appeals to all tastes and preferences, have placed him in the first rank of the stars of the Argentine Tango.

Ruben Juarez has1 platinum and 9 gold records. Among many awards and recognitions received during his artistic career, in 1973, the association of Commentators of Tango selected him as "The Best Interpreter and Artist of The Year". At the O.T.I. Festival he won second prize with the tango song "Soy un Circo".

In 1987, the international success achieved by Ruben Juarez through his numerous tours and the popularity of more than 25 recordings, catapulted to true stardom with the premiere of the excellent film: "Tango Bar". Sharing the starring roles with him in this production were actor Raul Julia and singer Valeria Lynch.

Ruben Juarez is a singer, bandoneonist, author, composer, and interpreter of songs that are landmarks of the tango. Today inside and outside of his homeland he continues to earn accolades for himself and for his passion, the Argentine Tango.