Latin American Harp Festival 2012

In 1964 and 1965, René Devia started to emerge as a musician who was restless and eager to achieve great things. He showed an interest in and love of music, which he indulged by learning to play the guitar and two Latin American stringed instruments – the Colombian tiple and the Venezuelan cuatro – even as he began to create his own musical compositions.

Two years later, he discovered that the harp was the instrument he liked best. And that decision marked his destiny and launched a chapter of his professional life. He joined a group of adolescents involved in the regional music of the llanos, the plains of Colombia and Venezuela. Some years later, living in Bogotá, Devia signed a contract with the SONY music label and recorded six LPs, enjoying fast popularity. When an opportunity arose to travel to Europe, he took advantage of it, spending more than five years outside of Colombia. During that time, he learned a great deal thanks to the advice of accomplished musicians; that led him to cultivate an interest in international music.

Today René Devia derives great satisfaction from sharing the fruits of his labor with the beautiful people who believe in him. He hopes (through his music) to offer them a light of hope, love and joy.

A native of Columbia, he now resides in San Antonio, Texas.