Latin American Harp Festival 2011

He was born in San Bernadino, Paraguay in 1961. He moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1984, and then to the USA in 1988. Since coming to the DC metropolitan area, he has gifted us with his interpretative talents on the harp, pleasing many audiences with his magic strings and his profound feelings for the Guaraní soul. Known by his stage name of “Pedrito”, Gaona interprets pieces that transport the listener to the heart of South America through bars of the polka, the Guarania, (a Paraguayan genre of music) and other Andean folk music, as well as Llano music from the plains and other unforgettable music from South America. His Guarania pieces include Native Woman, Nights of Paraguay and Mi Little Dove, while his polkas include Bird Bell, Transparent Island, Under the Carriage, Milk Train, Piririta Bird and more.