Was seen on our stage in:
Was seen on our stage in:
Paraguay Canta

She began her artistic career in 1981, winning the Best Soloist award at the Ypacaraí Festival, Paraguay’s principal folklore festival. In quick succession came six recordings and five tapes of Paraguayan and international music.
She is considered the best popular and traditional vocalist in the country. Her vocal strength has been remarked on by national and international commentators. She has also performed in various Zarzuelas (a traditional form of musical comedy). She represented Paraguay at the Spanish-American Festival of Song in 1985 and the Universal Exposition in 1992, both in Seville, Spain.
In 1985 she received the “Ypacaraí Remembrance” trophy by the judges’ unanimous decision, and in 1993 she was awarded the Best Soloist at the International Festival of song in Quito, Ecuador.
She has performed on radio and television throughout the Western world, representing and promoting Paraguayan art and culture.
In 1995 she participated in “Soul Encounter” under the direction of Maetro Oscar Cardozo Ocampo, performing and exchanging ideas with such Latin American musical figures as Teresa Parodi, Jairo and Jaime Torres. According to critical acclaim, this was the climactic musical event of the year.
Her most recent recordings, “Kunuu” (lullabies in Guaraní, Paraguay’s native language), 1997 and “Paraná en mi voz”, 1999, received outstanding acclaim from music reviewers.
Lizza Bogado performed several one-person shows in Asunción and the country interior. In August, 2000 she returned after spending a year in the United States, performing in cities in Michigan, Washington, Massachusetts and New York, including a performance at the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage.
She is currently director of the Fundación Libre, which is dedicated to the promotion of traditional Paraguayan arts through children’s dance and music education, reaching out to young people who have little opportunity to gain access to these studies. In September, Lizza Bogado celebrated 20 years as a professional singer. She is one of the most beloved and respected of celebrities throughout Paraguay.