Latin American Harp Festival 2012

With a 15-year career as a harpist, he has presented onstage throughout Mexico, interpreting various genres of music and taking part in national and international festivals since 2004. Born in Mérida, in the Yucatán area, he began his musical studies with guitar in Champotón, Campeche. At 17, he moved to Cancún in search of broader opportunities and, since the age of 19, he has dedicated himself to the harp – the instrument and music that defines his musical career.

Since 2007, Julio González has taught at the first harp school in southeast Mexico, the same area of the country that, in 2008, saw its first International Harp Festival. His career as a harpist has included workshops and concerts with the harp world’s masters, among them Nicolasito Caballero, Alberto de la Rosa, Celso Duarte, Martín Portillo and Marcelo Rojas.

His goal is to consolidate the Primer Centro de Expresión de Arpa (First Center of Harp Expression) in Mexico’s southeast region, raising up a new generation of harpists to spread the virtues of the instrument that brought him such satisfaction. He is founding president of the Association of Caribbean Harpists and founder and director of the Mario Barradas Primer Centro de Expresión del Arpa en el Sureste.