Latin American Harp Festival 2007

Born in Lambaré, Paraguay in 1962 of well-known musicians, Raimundo Ledesma (harpist) and Luisa Lucena (singer, guitarist), Ismael began studying harp at age 5 with his father. From an early age, he participated in student festivals, folklore exhibitions and private receptions. He won his first prize for general interpretation in 1975. His education was primarily in folklore and entirely self-directed. Ledesma was also dedicated to sports; especially soccer where he participated in two soccer clubs: Clubes Fernando de La Mora and Presidente Hayes. He also began studies in economic sciences.

In 1982 he traveled to France where he joined two already established groups: Los Tupí and Los Diablos of Paraguay. He immersed himself in the Parisian music scene through working with Paraguayan and other Latino groups. Later he moved to Lebanon with Pedro Fernández and the late Alberto Jara. While there, he culminated his soccer career by participating in the Ahali Sarba Soccer Club. Returning to France, he became dedicated to his musical studies at the Alfred de Vigny Conservatory in Paris. He also received diplomas in Language and Civilization at the Sorbonne.

In 1985 he decided to launch a solo career in music, playing his own compositions exclusively while touring Germany, Finland, Belgium, Portugal and Luxumberg, as well as the Middle East countries Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, among others.

In 1991, he wins the 1st Price in the "Festival Rochas del Arpa" in Asuncion, Paraguay, in the category "Composers", with the music title Aromas del Mundo (Aromas of the World). In the same year he organized the group “Su América” with Mónica Sotomayor and Javier Contreras, though it disbanded a year later.

He recorded his first album, Paisaje Tropical (Tropical Landscape), and, since then, has had many triumphs and successes during a life dedicated exclusively to composition and the interpretation of the Paraguayan Harp.