Latin American Harp Festival 2009

Colombian, at 12 he began his studies of the harp and the ‘cuatro’ (a form of South American guitar); at first self-taught and then more professionally with Master teacher Carlos Rojas Hernández. More technical and advanced interpretation of the ‘plains’ harp continued at the National University, the Fine Arts School of the National Pedagogical University and the Youth Symphony Orchestra of Colombia. He taught at the Llano y Joropo Academy in Bogotá. He has received awards both as soloist and as part of instrumental groups at home and in Venezuela. In Houston, Texas, he learned recording engineering and musical production, participating in hundreds of recordings as engineer, musician, arranger and producer, including three independent productions as harpist with the folk/fusion Ensamble Arpegio Latino vocal and instrumental group in Miami, Florida. He currently promotes the education, exploration and diffusion of styles of harp interpretation within the American folklore through the Harp & Folklore Foundation.