Latin American Harp Festival 2007

Christina Cabrera was born in Xalapa, in the province of Veracruz, Mexico. She became interested in the harp at 13. Her teachers included Saúl Hernández Morales, Alberto de la Rosa, Britta Shafer, Celso Duarte, Lucia Shiomitsu and Mariano González. Her professional development has been articulated by the music of Veracruz, Mexican music in general, classical music, Venezuelan and Paraguayan. Dialogo entre el viento y el Mar (Dialogue between the Wind and the Sea), in the Veracruz style, was her first composition.

She received the prestigious IVEC (Veracruz Institute of Culture) Young Artists scholarship and received sponsorship by many groups, principally the Town Hall of Xalapa, Veracruz, for the University of Veracruz and the Autónoma de Puebla University. Several local, national and international forums have allowed her constant contact with the public.

After living for nearly a year in Japan, she began a series of tours accompanying singer Oaxaqueña Lila Downs. Through this she participated in more than 80 concerts and performed in Germany, France, Holland, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and England and also toured the U.S.A. and Mexico.

She has performed in such national festivals as: Musical June in the University of Veracruz, la Guelaguetza of Oaxaca, the Fair of Zacatlán in Puebla and the International Fair of the Book in the Autónoma de Puebla University, realizing tours throughout the state of Puebla for young university students within the ‘Animarte’ Program. She played a special recital for the Association of Local Authorities of Mexico. She has also played in Chignahaupan, Puebla (Regional Fair), at the International Festival of Culture in Puebla and at a special concert for tourist office officials of Spain, promoted by the government of the State of Veracruz. In Asunción, Paraguay, she played in two radio programs (Emisoras Paraguay 106.1 FM) under the baton of harpist Papi Galán, and a third program for the same station in company with master harpists Mariano González, Nicolás Caballero and Papi Galán.

On November 12, 2004, her first solo harp CD premiered, titled Dialogo entre el Viento y el Mar (Dialogue between the Wind and the Sea), dedicated to Mexican music and featuring music from the State of Veracruz. This was sponsored by the Town Hall of Xalapa, Veracruz (2001-2004). On July 27, 2005, she presented this same material at “Teatro de la Ciudad”, promoted by the Town Hall of the City of Puebla.

On September 3, 2005, invited by Fidel Herrera Beltrán, Constitutional Governor of the State of Veracruz, she participated in a civil regional meeting celebrating the 5th State of the Government Report by offering a concert for President of the Mexican Republic, Vicente Fox.

In November 2005, through invitation from the Harpists’ Association of Durango, and the government of Durango, she participated in the grand “Divas’ Harp” Festival, where she played both at the Victoria Theater and the Ricardo Castro Theater. On December 1, 2005, she played a recital for the Presidents of Chile, Ricardo Lagos Escobar, and Mexico, Vicente Fox. She was later invited by the Guzmán Foundation to give a recital in the former convent Jesuita de Pátzcuaro Michoacán on December 9, and another one on July 22, 2006 in Morelia Michoacan.

On May 8 and 9, 2006, she gave two large concerts in the cities of Córdoba and Orizaba, Veracruz, with the Chamber Orchestra of the Regional Secretary of Education and Culture of Córdoba-Orizaba, under the baton of maestro Eduardo Sánchez. On September 13, during the second season of concerts for the Symphonic Youth Orchestra of the State of Veracruz, she was invited to play Huapango by José Pablo Moncayo under the direction of conductor Antonio Tornero.

In August 2007 she returned to Paraguay where she recorded a second solo harp CD, titled Paisajes (Landscapes), which will be released in September 2007 in Mexico. This year she also created the first Arpa Jarocha Elécrica (Electric Harp of Veracruz), with the help of Maestro Juan Filobello for the construction of the instrument and Maestro Mariano González for the electric installation.

In January 2007 she won a scholarship from the program Estímulo a la creación y al desarro artístico de Veracruz (Stimulus for the artistic creation and development of Veracruz) with her project El Arpa en el Bosque (The Harp in the Woods), which consists of a series of recitals in rural communities in the “Cofre de Perote” mountains, demonstrating the interdependence of music and nature.