De La Rosa


Latin American Harp Festival 2010

With Alberto De la Rosa, the arpa jarocha reaches its maximum expression. And it is De la Rosa who also takes the vibrant and sublime magic that is the music of Veracruz and transports it from the confines of its homeland, Mexico, to the rest of the world.

De La Rosa instills the arpa jarocha with a universal dimension, interpreting not only regional themes but also music from every latitude and every era.

His extensive journeys throughout Latin America have exposed him to the harp’s enormous range of rhythms and styles, as well as to the finest harpists in the countries visited.

He has performed as a harp soloist in more than 60 countries and at the world’s most important International folklore festivals, fueling wide public interest in the music of Mexico and Veracruz. He has also performed with symphony orchestras in Mexico, the United States, South America and Europe.

De la Rosa is the founder and director of TLEN HUICANI, a group dedicated to folk music since 1973. The Writers Union of Mexican Music and Theater has described TLEN HUICANI as "The Best Folk Music Group in Mexico.”

De la Rosa has provided music for the University of Veracruz’s Ballet Folklórico and has toured with the dance troupe in Central and South America, Cuba, the Bahamas, the United States, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, Germany, China and Japan.

He has composed, interpreted and recorded for several theatrical productions by troupes at the University of Veracruz.

He has been involved with presentations at the most important U.S. universities.

He has recorded nine long-playing discs, 15 CDs, three videos of Mexican music broadcast on U.S. and European Community television programs dedicated to cultural themes, and he has collaborated with other musicians on numerous recordings.

He has appeared on television programs in all the countries he has visited, as well as on the major television netrworks in Mexico.

He has received numerous awards and recognitions from universities, social organizations and folklore organizations around the world. He has also been recognized on several occasions by governmental entities in Mexico and other countries.