Was seen on our stage in:
Frida Kahlo, the Passion

Born in Argentina and studied at the University of Buenos Aires, he received a scholarship to the Goethe Institute and studied theater in Berlin, Germany.  While there he visited other European cities.  Upon returning to his country, he began to premiere his own plays, including Solitude for Four, End of December, Estela at Dawn, Second Time, The Weaning, Noise of Broken Chains, The Sosa-Echagüe Duet, A Million Years in One Day, Frida Kahlo, the passion, Metejón, Gypsy Moon, and Parsley.

Several of his works have been translated and mounted in other countries.  Ediciones Corregidor, which has already published six volumes of his plays, presented Complete Works (1961-2004) in 2006, which unites his first 18 plays in one volume.

He participated in Open Theater, a movement against the last military dictatorship, redeeming himself as National Director of Theater, as Director of the Cervantes National Theater, and as Vice President of Argentores.

He has published essays, facilitated conferences – in his country and elsewhere – has written scripts for television and film and has taught courses for theatrical playwrights.  Since 2000 he has directed the Drama Seminar of Argentores.  Last year he published Writing for Theater, Drama in the Current Times also through Editorial Corregidor.

He has received many important prizes, and numerous studies exist on his works.